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Your property stands out, reaching worldwide buyers
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Why Prosperty
Receive your Valuation Report
We will send you an analytical inspection and valuation report, and suggest a price point that will attract buyers and bring you the desired outcome.
No Commission
Save thousands of Euros. No more surprises or hidden costs. Pay a fair flat fee upfront or later when your property is sold.
Prepare to Sell Fast at the best price
Leave the busywork to us. We collect all the needed documents and provide you with your online property document repository. We carry out on your behalf the initial legal check of your property. We are offering end-to-end technical support to review, issue and verify all the proper documents for a property to be sold. Hassle-free and “sale-ready” properties sell faster at better prices.
Professional Marketing
We take care of the professional photo shoot, and create enhanced floor plans, virtual tours, visualizations, concept designs and descriptions. We market your property to a vast network of real estate investors in Greece and abroad through the most well known real estate marketplaces around the world.
Never miss a thing
Access analytical data on your property. Stay informed about viewings, receive and negotiate your offers online and monitor the sales process in real time.
Support through the entire process
You will get personalized support from a dedicated Prosperty agent who will be there for you throughout the sale. From onboarding, negotiation to completion, we're with you every step of the way.
Check how much you could save
Use our savings calculator to see exactly how much you could save compared to using traditional estate agents.
You could save
11,921 €
Our fees
Property Inspection & Valuation
Professional presentation
Sales-ready service (including legals)
Enhanced Floorplans
Documents Repository
Personalized Dashboard with Analytics
A dedicated Prosperty Expert
Negotiate directly the price
Transaction Management
Feature Listing
Promo & Ads in Local International Marketplaces
”For Sale” Board
On Demand
Urban Planning – Property Folder management
New architectural layouts (plans and sections)
Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
Engineering Certificate
Topographic Plan (national projection system)
Coverage & Building Factors Certificate


How does Prosperty work?

We have identified the following steps in the process for the phases of presale and sale:


1. Submit your property online
We only need from you to submit the basic info of your property and your personal Prosperty agent will take over the whole process.

2. Book your property valuation
You can book our engineer site visit according to your availability. Access our online calendar and select the date and time.
Provide us with your property documents and we will digitize them for you. If anything is missing we can issue it.
Receive an analytical report and access your documents online.

3. Pick up your pricing plan
It's time for you to select which pricing plan fits better to your needs. We provide flexible plans. From Pay now to Pay monthly even to Pay later.

4. Legal Check
We proceed with the initial Legal Check (Title Search, etc) and if everything is in order and your property can be sold, we proceed to the next step.

5. Professional Presentation
We take professional photos, create walk-throughs and enhanced floor plans. If your property is not in a good condition, don’t worry, we can prepare 3D rendering and visualization models.
We use advanced tools to make your property stand out.

6. Review and publish your property
Your property page is ready to go public.
Your personal Prosperty expert reviews the data and notifies you with the public link of your property.


7. Technical Support
Prosperty offers full service ongoing technical support to make your property sale-ready. We assist you to complete anything needed for your property to be ready for sale.

8. Viewings and Analytics
Viewings with potential buyers are scheduled online. You are notified on each viewing.
From your personal dashboard you can access all the analytics regarding your property.

9. Offers Management
Receive online offers from domestic and international buyers, negotiate the price and accept the best offer.
10. Sign the pre-agreement
The pre-agreement is prepared by one of Prosperty’s legal partners and you can e-sign it through the platform.
This agreement is between you, Prosperty and the buyer and describes all the prerequisite conditions for the successful completion of the sale. A deposit for your property will be made by the buyer in our secure escrow account.

11. Sale Contract Preparation
Prosperty's legal and notary services prepare the contract and guarantee the finalization of it.* Your can monitor the whole process through your personalized dashboard. However, your personal Prosperty expert stands by you during the whole process.

12. Sign the Contract and Cash in
Meet up and sign the final contract in front of the notary. A successful sale is completed and you can receive the remaining amount now.

Why should I use Prosperty rather than a traditional estate agent?
Prosperty turns buying and selling your property into an enjoyable experience of comprehensive services, just the way it should be. Instead of commission and real estate fees, we bring you cutting-edge technology, innovative applications, transparency and reliability and provide you with the largest database of premium real estate in the finest and most commercial areas. We bring buyers and sellers in direct contact; we open the real estate market, securing access to international investors; we offer effective investment solutions and multiply the potential of your property with the best possible outcome for you.
Through Prosperty you will sell faster, more reliably and at the best possible price.
What does the listing cost include?
Having access to both domestic and foreign buyers, Prosperty undertakes the proper preparation of your property for a fast sale. We invest in the legal and technical preparation of your property, in its professional presentation and its promotion to the right marketing and communication channels aiming at the best possible outcome for you. Finally, you can monitor in real time all of your property statistics, viewings and bids until the sale process is finalized. For all of these services, Prosperty does not charge a commission but a fixed listing cost with different options, to suit your needs: Pay the full amount, Pay monthly or Pay only when your property is sold.
Why does Prosperty require exclusivity?
We invest heavily in your property and aim to achieve a fast sale at the best possible price. Thus, we produce analytics, draw up useful reports, digitize and archive your documents, use cutting-edge presentation tools, issue legal check certifications, and above all, invest heavily in promoting and marketing your property in the global marketplace. With all of the above, we create a relationship of trust and reliability with buyers offering unique, checked and eady-to-sell property. The exclusivity we ask and the investment we make secures this relationship of trust with the buyers.The trust our buyers have in us is also to your benefit: a fast sale at the best possible price with potential buyers from all over the world.
How long does exclusivity last?
The assignment period is 8 months from the moment your property is listed on our platform, and it is your exclusive right, if you wish to use it, to renew the assignment for another 4 months.
My property is already available on the market. Can I still use Prosperty's services?
Of course, as long as from now on Prosperty has the exclusive assignment of your property.
Is the property inspection necessary in order to proceed with the listing?
Yes. Everybody has something to gain from such a report. You have something in hand that presents in detail all the facts about your property; we get a clear picture of your property through this process and can promote it more effectively; buyers have a realistic picture of all data pertaining to the property. Transparency can guarantee a positive outcome.
We commit ourselves towards our buyers from all over the world, offering them a fully transparent report on the condition of the property and other valuable data about the neighbourhood and the area. Therefore, when someone places a bid they will be sincere knowing all the data they need in order to make their investment decision, saving you unnecessary time.
What is included in the Prosperty Inspection Report?
During the visit, a Prosperty expert will examine more than 300 property factors in order to create an analytical report which we will share with you and eventually with buyers who are seriously interested in your property after they sign an agreement verifying their interest in the property.
The inspection report includes data on the property, the neighbourhood, the area but also an initial valuation of your property (for the time being it applies only to Urban Properties) as well as the possible renovation costs if required.
When there are no surprises, properties sell faster.
What does “sale-ready” property mean?
It's property that's ready to be sold. If you wish to sell fast, we need to work and collect all the necessary documents a seller needs to provide so that a contract can be signed in the presence of a notary. If you are missing something, we offer you the option to outsource its issuance to Prosperty. If technical issues need to be settled, again Prosperty is there for you. When a property has all the necessary documents available and is professionally and transparently presented, it sells faster and at a better price.
How can you help me if there is something missing in order to complete the sale of my property?
Prosperty provides all the necessary services to prepare your property for sale. Our technical inspection shows what your property still needs to be ready for sale. In addition to the basic services included in the listing cost, our technical partners are here to handle any extra services. The list of additional services includes, among others, the following: finding the property’s folder in the Town Planning Office, issuance of building permit slip and building plans, new architectural plans, energy efficiency certificates, engineer certificates, site plans, land use certificates, etc.
What does a professional presentation include?
Depending on the type and condition of your property, we offer a professional photo shoot, enhanced and easy-to-understand floorplans, 360o walkthroughs, drone videos, even 3D rendering. We want your property to truly stand out.
How quickly can I sell my house with Prosperty?
Making promises about how fast a property will sell seems irresponsible. We can promise to work with you and make your property “sale-ready”, removing as many hurdles as possible that would slow you down if you had opted to follow the traditional way. The investment we make in properly preparing your property and accessing domestic and foreign investors makes us optimistic that your property will sell quickly.
How does the online negotiating work?
With bids from buyers from all over the world, which reach you at your personal profile on the platform and which you can accept or reject, or forward to us to deal with at no extra cost. You have 5 calendar days to respond to a bid. In case you do not respond, for any reason, the bid is deemed rejected.
In any case, Prosperty's personal advisor is here to help you with whatever you need.
What happens when I accept a bid?
When you accept a bid, your property goes into “Under Sale“ status and you cannot accept any other bids. Prosperty prepares and electronically forwards you the private agreement or pre-agreement (as the case may be) to be signed by you, the buyer and Prosperty. In the case of a private agreement, this is electronically signed by all 3 parties and the buyer makes a deposit payment in order to reserve your property. Once the agreement has been posted, you have 10 days to accept it by signing it.
Can I accept multiple bids?
No. You may reject multiple bids but when you choose to accept one, the process as described in question 1 begins.
Can I access all the analytics regarding my property?
You will be able to see everything through your personalized dashboard. You can see how many people are interested in your property based on the profile of buyers, the number of actual viewings, the bids and other data. We are here to give you complete transparency.
What if I want to sell more than one properties?
If you have a portfolio of properties and you want to sell them all through our platform, please contact us here. If you just have a second property, you need to follow the same process.
What if I do not sell my property during the exclusive assignment period?
You can extend the assignment of your property to Prosperty at 50% of the initial listing cost or ask us to remove your property listing and all the data that follows it.
Can I change the price of my house after its sale has been assigned to Prosperty?
Of course. All you need to do is contact your Prosperty representative by phone or using the appropriate contact form. After your online confirmation of the new price, it will be adjusted. However, this can happen at most once a month during the marketing of the property.
What kind of support will I have?
We're here to support you every step of the way through online chat, phone or email. As soon as your property is listed on the platform, one of our representatives will be your personal sale consultant who will help you complete the process. Prosperty provides all the online tools and necessary features to sell your home easily and professionally.
Does Prosperty handle all the legal work or do I need to hire a lawyer?
Prosperty's extended network of partners includes lawyers and notaries, who provide their services during all stages of the process. You can trust Prosperty for legal services. However, you can also have your own lawyer check both your private agreement and the final sale contract of your property.

Our Valuable Partners

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